A New-Era Data Relationship Platform

Seize the market opportunity in the post-surveillance era with Profila, where the lucrative future lies in trust-based, private customer relationships, powered by precise data, offering a unique blend of value and exclusivity.

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Our elevator pitch


Shawn Jensen - Founder & CEO

Our vision is to provide a data and advertising platform that prioritizes privacy without compromising the effectiveness of brand-customer engagement. By eliminating surveillance and leveraging Web3 technology, we can offer a unique alternative to the current surveillance data-driven advertising industry. This platform will not only provide value to brands but also empower customers to take control of their personal data. We believe in building a better digital future that is sustainable, profitable, and respects individual privacy. Join us in our mission to make this vision a reality.

How to invest

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Equity and Token offerings

You have two investment options to choose from when investing in Profila. The first is to invest in equity into our Swiss-based company. The second option is to invest in the Zeke token. Of course, you can also choose to invest in both options. Join us today in shaping the future of Profila by selecting the investment option that works best for you.


The Profila Equity Investor Deck

We are solving for privacy by giving brands an alternative data and advertising platform to engage with their customers with zero surveillance. With the data subscription and advertising market projected to be worth over a billion dollars, our Web3 platform offers a unique opportunity to capture significant market share and disrupt big tech incumbents. Support our vision to build a better digital future that prioritizes privacy and profitability.


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A Web3 personal data relationship platformPowered by zero knowledge and Zeke. Our Zero Knowledge Token empowers you build and protect your personal data online, and get compensated for data (Profila) share and the Ad content you view.


Zero Knowledge Advertising, a 3rd party cookie replacement protocol

As an experienced tech investor, you know that innovation requires bold ideas and solid research. Our team has been working hard to develop a cutting-edge solution that will revolutionize the advertising industry. We have conducted extensive research that proves that brands can target customers without compromising their privacy. Our zero surveillance strategy is based on this research and provides a viable alternative to the deprecated 3rd party cookie. Our implementation of this protocol has the potential to transform Profila and can scale to the entire internet, making it a billion-dollar opportunity for investors who share our vision. Join us in shaping the future of online advertising and data privacy.


AI smart knowledge base

At Profila, we have developed a unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) system for Information Resources Suggestions and Expert Finder Systems. Chamath Palihapitiya has highlighted that the biggest AI asset in the future is not the ChatGPT engine itself, but an element of machine learning called reinforcement learning, specifically reinforcement learning from human feedback (source: All-in Podcast). Our system incorporates this important element of reinforcement learning, allowing us to provide valuable suggestions and expertise to our customers while also continuously learning from their feedback. This technology has already proven to have significant revenue potential, with estimated IP value of CHF1M.


Profila is built for people, delivered to brands

As privacy concerns continue to grow, we understand that brands need to find alternative ways to engage with customers without sacrificing their personal information. Our platform offers just that - a way for brands to access high-quality data and advertise effectively to real customers, all while maintaining their privacy. By partnering with us, brands can tap into a new revenue stream while also showing their commitment to protecting customer privacy. Join us in building a more ethical and sustainable digital future.


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Investor reviews

Mikko Kotila

Shareholder & advisor

"Tenacity and the speed of accepting uncomfortable but important truths. The speed of adapting behaviour / activity to the new understanding once it is established."

Sérgio Mendes

Private investor

"Shawn’s relentless passion and dedication to Profila is matched only by the relevance of its vision. Profila is the embodiment of meaningful disruption, and I am confident in the Team's ability to deliver on its promise."

Paul De Cannière

Private investor

"Shawn is a purpose driven entrepreneur. He's been the driving force behind Profila since its founding and is dedicated to bringing blockchain technology to the advertising & marketing space for the better. We saw a highly ambitious team with relevant market experience and receiving great support from their investors and stakeholders."

Remy Merckx


"Vision, determination & obsession! This is how I would best qualify the Profila team led by the charismatic Shawn Jensen. Together with Michiel and Luke, the two other co-founders, they are the early believers and adopters of the WEB3 and the WEB5 technology to revolutionise digital marketing capabilities. Profila's founding team is the perfect addition of complementary competencies: persistence, problem-solving, adaptability, customer-centric product-driven, networking, and strategic thinking. The winning team for a win-win business model!"

Pieter Victor

Private investor

"The Profila team persuaded me to invest in their project for the following reasons: 1. Bold mission without geographical or jurisdictional limits 2. Track record of concrete accomplishments 3. Authentic communication with the team"

Heinz Gassner

Private investor

"The main 3 reasons for my personal investments in PROFILA are: - 1) PROFILA’s business idea is part of the overall WEB3.0 concept, which I view - next to AI - as the core-technology behind the next big cycle of radical innovation. - 2) PROFILA’s business model focuses on some very foundational, scalable and quick-win oriented aspects of WEB3. - 3) Shawn Jensen and his core-team have great experience in this field and have demonstrated the required strategic clarity, skills, engagement and especially also endurance for driving PROFILA towards success. Getting to know Shawn and the team personally convinced me."

Vedran Vukman

Executive Producer

"Shawn is a fully dedicated and knowledgeable founder whose energy and leadership amazed me. Still, the Profila core team and their unique product were what made us invest in the project."

Elie Auvray

Shareholder & advisor

"Profila is built by a solid team driven by a long-term vision that aims to reconcile the data privacy protection foundation and now-mandatory regulations with brand awareness. That kind of privacy-based marketing solution is the game-changing answer to the current model where people's data are exploited in a nowadays unacceptable manner."

Clara-Ann Gordon

Shareholder & advisor

"Shawn possesses a distinctive combination of technology skills and business acumen. He is also very passionate about data privacy. Shawn is a highly dedicated and energised professional. He has the ability to dive deep into the technology while framing the technical details with the overall business objective. Personally I am very impressed with which persistence he is pursuing his visions and goals for Profila as a web5 data and relationship platform which will surely change the marketing world!"

Nikolai Nedelchev

Private investor

"As a leader of one of the biggest SEE marketing communications operations I was deeply impressed by the new business model developed by Profila and the stature of its leadership. Now that the marketing world is at the cross-roads of the "post-cookie" world and ever-increasing concerns of the users of social platforms about the privacy and usage of their data, I think Profila business model is about to disrupt the current status quo and establish a new fair model of engagement between the brands and their clients in the digital domain. I think that Shawn Jensen and his team are of the highest professional caliber. Their rigorous approach, tech savvy, drive and experience coupled with profound academic argumentation poise them to achieve their high goals and become one of the new standards for how brands interact in a mutually beneficial ways with their clients. That is why I put my faith in Shawn's team and invested in Profila."

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We believe that with your expertise and resources, we can take Profila and our technology to new heights and revolutionise the way people engage with brands. We would love the opportunity to discuss Profila further with you.