Re-connect with your Best Customers

Tired of the social media gamble with your brand's reputation? Bring your customers to Profila's safe haven and cultivate meaningful relationships built on trust and accurate data.

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How it works and what to expect

Invite your customers to a private and exclusive Brand relationship


What should you do?

Invite your customers, or leads to Profila from an email or social media campaign. When they sign-up you have explicit intent from this customer that they want to build a relationship. These will be your best customers and deserve special treatment on Profila.

What to expect from customers?

Customers will be encouraged by Profila to update their personal data, and view your welcome campaign or brand building content on Profila. At this stage your customer is anonymous, protecting their data and guaranteeing compliance at this conversion stage.

How do we keep your customers data safe?

TODAY, your customers data is encrypted and securely stored in our servers in Europe in a fully compliant environment. This mitigates your data breach and privacy risks completely at this stage of the relationship. COMING SOON, your customers will have the option to store their Profila in a Decentralised ID Wallet, secured and encrypted. They will have full technical control over how they share their data with your brand. This explicit consent and customer managed DMP (data management platform) de-risks your company from data privacy risks.

What does it cost?

Inviting your customers to Profila is FREE. You only pay for advertising and accessing customers personal data through data subscriptions.

What value do you get?

You get to know which customers or leads are genuinely interested in your brand for FREE! These are your most valuable customers. If they took the time to sign-up, and they like the control they have in Profila, then we believe you are now connected to your most profitable and loyal customer. Please treat them as special.

Create compliant data subscriptions to gain more insights direct from your customers personal data Profila’s


Categories of psychographic data offer an authentic, unsolicited glimpse into your customers thoughts and intentions


What should you do?

Create customer segment lists and then decide which customers you need perfect zero-party data from to effectively personalise advertising, offers and content.

What to expect from customers?

We encourage and incentivise your customers through our platform gamification to update their personal data. Importantly we also incentivise customers to complete their psychographic surveys (which are updated regularly), so that you can benefit from perfect personalisation using this accurate data.

What does it cost?

$x per customer per month/duration. You decide what your customers data is worth to your business, then you make them an offer. We will educate you on industry trends and the value of data, so that your customers are receiving fair compensation for their work in updating and maintaining their data.

What value do you get?

You get the best data in the industry, zero-party data direct from your customer in a private platform. This is important as they are not in most cases faking who they are, as its private. Our research shows that in a private place, people want brands to know who they are, so they can benefit from true personalisation. PLUS, this data is all compliant and you can view and act on the insights with zero data privacy risk!

Utilise perfect personalisation data to create experiences for your customers through advertising, exclusive offers and branded content


What should you do?

Create the best content, offers or advertising for your best customers. Our primary metric in Profila is your Brands customer lifetime value and 100% clickthrough rate! These are customers who opted into the relationship, so we are sure they will engage, so PLEASE spend more time on your creative content!

What to expect from customers?

Your customers have chosen this relationship, so we believe they will engage with your content. We incentivise customers with a revenue share from the advertising, rewarding them for their attention, however, their true attention is our goal. Less, is more on Profila.

What metrics are tracked?

We are obsessed with real attention, and our North star is 100% clickthrough, or full engagement. No more 0.5 second impression metrics, thats crazy! We measure impressions, time on content, images and video view percentages) and the goal, click-through. All of this data is presented to you in generic data, so the customers personal data and actions is protected.

What does it cost?

Impressions are NOT charged for, for customers that you invite to Profila. New customers who found your Brand on Profila will incur Impression costs. Cost-per-click is charged for advertising and offers. Some brand building and company information and customer assistance content is not charged for.

What value do you get?

We believe your Return on Ad spend and conversion will improve dramatically as your clickthrough rates will increase significantly from industry standards. We will track this with you closely so we can help to improve customer engagement.

Focus on cost and time effective attention and engagement not vanity volume metrics with a customer controlled preference centre


What should you do?

Listen to your customers. They will let you know when they want to be contacted and how much of a content type they want to see. This improves your ROI as you do not waste advertising ever again! We will help automate this process by providing your target list reach based on their preferences. This is true personalisation and customer value.

What to expect from customers?

We believe customers will control how much of your brand content they want to see. This will make your engagement respectful of their time and attention, and it will build trust, loyalty and true conversion.

What does it cost?

The preference centre if FREE (for now)! We firmly believe that when your Brand respects a customers preferences, they will convert and that is our goal, value to your customer and value to your company.

What value do you get?

You do not waste Ad spend and you do not irritate your customer. You save and you gain a happy customer, who is much more likely to convert and remain loyal as they know you listen to them.

Understand your customers sentiment by engaging through the content they share with your Brand, some of it may be magical


What should you do?

Ask your customers to share content with your brand, you may be surprised how much they love you, and simply replying to a single customer will directly impact future revenues. For those not so happy, retain them in a private channel.

What to expect from customers?

Customer generated content on social media is often fake and lacks authenticity. When a customer decides to tell you they love your brand privately, thats a magic moment. This feature will be optional for your Brand, but who would not want to hear the voice of their customers? In future we will help automate customer support through customer generated content.

Looking for Brand creators?

Creators are your next marketing team, empower them to create amazing content for your brand and purchase or lease that content for your own brand campaigns through NFTs. (Coming Soon).

What does it cost?

Customer generated content is FREE! In future we will help you manage this content at scale and respond to positive and negative sentiment customers by triaging 3 levels of support. Also if you want to purchase content from your creative customers, you will be able to do so through our CGC-NFT feature, coming soon.

What value do you get?

Customer feedback, is gold. And simpler customer support and engagement in a private channel vs. feedback on open rage motivated and biased platforms. This is much more authentic and real. We will help you build real relationships with people.

Maintain an honest and transparent relationship with all of your customers by respecting their data privacy rights


What should you do?

Encourage your customers to educate themselves on their Privacy rights. We provide basic education to your customer before they can assert any rights, ensuring they are informed.

What to expect from customers?

Customers who make a right assertion expect engagement. Initially you will receive an email from Profila and the request can be managed directly with the customer. In future we will give you a privacy centre to more simply manage basic rights requests.

What does it cost?

Privacy is a human right and should not be a burden for people or Brands. So this service is FREE and will be further developed using grants and donations.

What value do you get?

You get an audit trail of proof that you respected your customers rights, showing compliance and you get a more transparent relationship with your customer.

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Zero Party Data

Unlock the power of your customers' zero party data with Profila Web3 relationship platform.

How we help your brand

Zero Party Data
Evergreen, accurate and relevant customer data

Zero Party Data

Personal & psychographic data, direct from your customer. Access each customers Profila dataset in your Lists through a monthly subscription.



  • Personal Information ie. Name, email, address
  • Personally Identifiable Information Mobile No., IP Addy., Social ID., Biometric Data (if provided by each individual).
  • Psychographic data from 20+ Categories of Surveys, updated with questions monthly Insights from surveys completed for marketing categories ie. Food & Drink, Automotive, Sports etc.
  • Coming in 2024: Decentralised IDs for your customers and your Brand. Having a decentralised ID issued to your customer and your brand ensures absolute privacy in your relationship with your customers.
Privacy Rights Assertions

Privacy Management

Empower your customers to assert their privacy rights with your Brand and build trust. Free forever, as Privacy should not be monetised. (Funded through community and Brand donations & grants)



  • European GDPR compliant Privacy Rights Assertions Customers in Europe can freely and simply assert their Nine privacy rights with your brand.
  • GDPR & General Privacy Rights Education Educating your customers on their privacy rights through video explainers. Customers must complete basic tutorials before being able to assert rights, making them informed submissions.
  • Privacy Ledger: Blockchain ($x per entry) Every rights assertion and brand response is logged in an immutable record on the Blockchain. An auditable record of compliance for your brand.
  • Coming soon: USA/CCPA; Brazil/LGDP; South Africa/POPPIA and more... Customer Rights Assertions Making it simpler for customers around the world to assert their rights.
  • Coming Soon: Privacy Policy Awareness AI Yes! We have been doing research for the past 2 years on an AI ChatBot to answer questions from your customers about your privacy policy.
Brand Moments
Improve your Return on Ad Spend

Mindful Marketing

Communicate with your customers through personalised content campaigns, brand building or product advertising, based on their detailed preferences. Never waste another $dollar on an Ad that your customer does not want to see. Welcome to the era of mindful marketing.



  • Impressions are: FREE (CPM is dead) Half a second impression, is NOT attention. It is important to us that any content shown to each customer is intentional, not forced.
  • Attention Time spent on content is measured to ensure your customer appreciates the content. This is the ONLY time we will nudge a customer, if they do not view the content, we will ask them to change their content (Metronome) preferences.
  • Clickthrough Clickthrough is the primary measure of content engagement and call to action for relevant content. You only ever pay for proven engagement.
  • Coming in 2024: Zero Knowledge Advertising Our commitment to privacy will in future enable you to target content for customers without ANY personal data being shared. This is an answer to the 3rd party cookie tracking deprecation.
Whitelist for launch

Customer Sentiment

Give your customers a private place to tell your brand how awesome you are, or a private space to complain. Hearing your customer through content (images, text and video) is critical to improving customer lifetime value and retention.



  • Sentiment: Positive feedback loops Ask your customers to share content with your brand, you may be surprised how much they love you, and simply replying to a single customer will directly impact future revenues.
  • Sentiment: Negative feedback loops The good with the bad. Be that brand that cares, you can't always get it right, but customers are much more forgiving of an error if you support them in a truly private and authentic way.
  • Coming in 2024: AI Customer Support Customer support continues to be a pain point for most brands. Imagine the first 3 levels of sentiment feedback from customers being triaged by smart AI ChatBots, that respect each customers privacy and time. Its coming.
NFT Customer Content
The voice of your customer

Customer Content

Creators are your next marketing team, empower them to create amazing content for your brand and purchase or lease that content for your own brand campaigns through NFTs.



  • NFT-able Customer Content Customers are using your products and services all the time, let them share content with your brand, if you find an image, a video or insight that amazes you, pay your customer for it.
  • NFT-able Creator Content Creators are your next marketing team, empower them to create amazing content for your brand and purchase or lease that content for your own brand campaigns through NFTs.
Whitelist for launch

How it works

Invite your customers to Profila.

With Profila, you're taking a bold step in building a strong relationship with your customers. By asking them if they truly like/love your brand, you're demonstrating your faith in them. And when they sign up for the private and exclusive experience you're offering, it's a clear sign of their interest and loyalty towards your brand.

Loyal customers sign-up & update their personal data & preferences.

Amazing! Your brand has just gained tremendous value in two ways. Firstly, the customers who have signed up for the private relationship have demonstrated their strong interest and loyalty towards your brand. And secondly, by cleaning up your database, you now have a clear understanding of which customers need further convincing and which ones are already invested in your brand.

Welcome your loyal customers to the private relationship with an exclusive campaign.

These are your most valuable customers, and it's essential to give them special attention as they likely contribute to 80% of your revenue or are close to making a purchase. At this point, all customers are anonymous, and you can only access demographic data to personalize your brand building content.

Subscribe to your best customers’ data.

Thanks to Profila, your customers have been incentivized to update their personal information and complete psychographic surveys. Now, it's time to leverage this data to create targeted lists and subscribe to the special data that enables you to personalize campaigns using accurate and perfect data. You have a clear understanding of what your customers like, and it's time to listen and act on that information. Best of all, the data sharing is fully compliant, with explicit consent from your customers.

Personalise advertising, content & your best offers using (PERFECT) accurate data, direct from your customer.

Congratulations, you now have access to the most valuable data ever. It's up to your creative team to develop compelling content that converts this obvious interest into action or builds loyalty by providing preferential treatment, products, and services to each customer. It's essential to keep in mind that these are your best customers and nurturing their loyalty will pay off in the long run.

Respond to sentiment-rich customer-generated content.

Enabling this feature in Profila allows you to receive valuable content from your customers, tagged with positive or negative sentiment, providing crucial insights into the status of your customer relationship. We'll assist you in managing the volume of content, but it's crucial to prioritize this aspect of your business as it represents the voice of your customer. In addition, we've made it possible for you to purchase the best content directly from your customer creators through NFTs, rewarding loyalty in a unique and innovative way. It's pretty cool!

Support your customers

Support is often an underserved and underinvested category in the digital customer relationship, but it's crucial to engage each customer to improve retention and reduce acquisition costs. We'll assist in managing support volumes through our AI ChatBot, triaging the first three levels of support before passing on to the relevant teams in your business. However, it's possible that your customers are already satisfied due to the special relationship they have with you on Profila!

Customers Act!

Paying attention to each customer is key, regardless of your product or service, as it drives action. Customers are more likely to purchase your product, renew their subscription, or return to your personal or professional service if they feel valued and supported. Brand loyalty comes with customer loyalty, as well as delivering a good product or service. In addition, we're constantly working to help you sell more directly on Profila in the future!

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Excited? We are too!

Build a better, more profitable and compliant relationship with your customers on Profila. Register to trial today and prepare to unlock the power of zero-surveillance customer relationship marketing.

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