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Profila is re-imagining customer relationships, putting you as the consumer in control of your privacy, your data and most importantly your experiences.

Help us shape the future of the consumer economy by investing your time, money, expertise and thought leadership into building a platform which empowers the individual and offers enterprise a better way to know their customer and delight them.


Creating moments of Truth

Profila is a true paradigm shift in data sharing, privacy and customer relationships


We believe that privacy should be simpler for every human being so we can create and control our digital experiences

Profila has a vision of a future where consumers can enjoy digital experiences without distraction and without sacrifice. We believe in a behaviour change where consumers are empowered with technology which allows each person to pick and choose how they experience everything, on their terms and most importantly in a immersive yet respectful brand relationship. Profila will make privacy simpler for consumers who will then confidently share their moments of truth with the brands they love. 

Profila is a Privacy-by-Design brand relationship platform which educates consumers and puts them in control of their experiences with the brands they choose.

Profila is where consumers will confidently share their personal data, needs, sentiment and insights directly with brands in exchange for value in targeted products, services, and experiences.

Profila will facilitate this new customer-to-brand relationship using enterprise grade data and customer relationship management platforms, a privacy blockchain for immutable data contracts, and a Privy crypto token to simplify global Profila data subscriptions. 


The problem Profila will solve

A lack of trust and inaccurate big data


Personal Data fuels the AI powered fourth industrial revolution and up to 50% of this data is inaccurate, incomplete or of poor quality

The world is facing a crisis of trust caused by the abuse of personal data and the erosion of privacy. Customer experiences are being designed using advanced technologies of mass observation, intrusive surveillance, inaccurate big-data prediction, and presented to consumers using outdated advertising techniques. Organisations have lost their focus on customer intimacy and the personal relationship has been damaged.

The future of global commerce and the fourth industrial revolution relies heavily on personal data, data which consumers are becoming more hesitant to share. 

The challenge facing business is how to deliver experience excellence in a future where consumers are skeptical, digitally native, connected, protected and seeking more meaning and hyper-personalization in their relationships with organisations.


The privacy and ethical data market


Accurate and relevant data shared with trust will stimulate the future digital economy

2018 saw the rise of personal data privacy and trust to the top of the C-Suite agenda, primarily due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union. The regulation was certainly a significant catalyst for frenzied activity, initially to avoid punitive compliance risks. The event which really pushed board level and political discussions closer to cultural and business model change, however, was the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, compounded by a host of recent ethics revelations and breaches which has shook the confidence of industry globally and which resulted in the largest single drop, and continued decline of shareholder value in history.

The high risks of using big, bad personal data is now evident, possibly even more than previously anticipated. The costs of lost revenue through missed opportunities and lost customers are compounded by a much higher regulatory privacy risk and trust cost, compelling organizations to reconsider their personal data acquisition strategies entirely. 

This data ethics and quality challenge has created an opportunity. The fourth industrial revolution requires data to fuel it, data collected using current methods is valuable but filled with inaccuracies, and trust in business related to personal data privacy is at an all-time low.

Accurate, contextually relevant, real-time data shared with trust will stimulate the future digital economy and create exceptional customer experiences.

Gathering this profile and digital preference information created and maintained by consumers themselves has significant commercial value, such as adding context to existing big-data, improving the quality of personal data, improving statistical and prediction models with accurate sample data, higher advertising conversion rates and drastically improved micro targeted messaging and more importantly it creates true customer intimacy.


A solution for your customers

Your customers can reclaim control over their personal data and how it should benefit them


Simpler privacy and better experiences

Profila will provide consumers...

  • the ability to understand their privacy rights and take informed action responsibly.

  • empowerment to reclaim their digital privacy and freedom of choice.

  • an opportunity for stronger brand relationships.

  • advertising that’s relevant.

  • quality personalised experiences.

  • personalised offers & managed tailor-made services catering to their needs.


A solution for enterprise

A smarter route to customer intimacy


A smarter way to empower your customers and get their insights & needs directly

Profila will provide Brands...

  • AI powered privacy education and simpler rights assertion to empower their customers.

  • an opportunity to deflect the public conversation away from brands, as privacy currently has a negative tone and connotation.

  • one platform to access accurate, real time, relevant personal data and insights.

  • increased customer experience and satisfaction.

  • higher marketing conversion rates and a lower cost-of-engagement.

  • a neutral, privacy blockchain (audit trail) to help with compliance.

  • no complex software needed or installed, connect to Profila via our API.

Profila will make it easier for consumers to create and share their personal insights for value

Accurate, contextually relevant, real-time data shared with trust will stimulate the future digital economy and create exceptional customer experiences.

The fourth industrial revolution’s fuel is big-data; the quality of this fuel is not optimal for accelerated digital performance and growth.

Profila aims to enhance this fuel with the core addition of accurate, contextual and relevant personal information sourced from and shared directly by the customer based on a strong relationship build on trust and respect for privacy. 

Gathering this profile and digital preference information created and maintained by consumers themselves has significant commercial value, such as adding context to existing big data, improving the quality of personal data held, improving statistical and prediction models with accurate sample data, higher advertising conversion rates and drastically improved micro targeted messaging and more importantly it creates true customer intimacy.

Profila is building the technology and application to effectively enable consumers to create, manage and maintain their personal Profila. The Profila will contain nuggets of information such as overall brand sentiment, digital marketing attributes, accurate personal data, omni-channel preferences and brand product and services sentiment. 

Profila consumers never sell their data, ever. Profila data are shared by individuals in exchange for value and quality in products, services and desired levels of intimacy with their brands of choice. Brands may responsibly incentivise consumers to share more insights to ensure quality services are delivered. All of these decisions by consumers will be based on transparency and informed consent.