Customer relationships, reimagined

700 million people are ready to control their digital experiences and get real value from their personal data.

There is a market for ethically-sourced and accurate personal data direct from the individual, at scale.

There is a better way and Profila is building it.

market disconnect

80% of companies believe they are offering a great experience; 8% of consumers agree.

The Solution…
Reconnect with people

“by putting people first and helping brands understand their needs” *


Profila empowers people

to take control of their experiences

The experience for people

“I was invited to download the Profila App by a Brand I love.” I was informed about my privacy rights in a simple way and I was able to see and manage my personal data so easily, now I know what data they have and what they need it for. This made me confident to share my sentiment on their company and products and my preferences for marketing and communication.

A few days later I received a great offer from my brand that matched my needs.”

The experience for Brands

“I decided to run a trial with Profila for a customer segment.”

“I promoted Profila to this segment by explaining our desire to give them control of their privacy and personal data and importantly to be able to personalise our relationship with our customers. We ran a campaign for this segment and our Conversation Rate was higher and our Cost of Engagement was lower than our other channels. Plus we received richer and accurate insights about our customers, from our customers.”