Be the best digital You can be

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Take control

It’s time to be heard by the companies you love and need, so tell them all exactly how to make you happy, when and where, without sacrificing your privacy.


Know me

Companies want to know who you are, what you want, when where and why, so tell them on your terms, then let them create hyper-personalised products and services for you.


Ask me

Companies don’t need to track you anymore, if they ask, and if you need them, you can share information with them direct in one place, with full control.


Listen to me

No more call centre music, no more online forms, just communicate in video, voice or images, wrapped with sentiment filters of joy, happiness, frustration or sadness. The easiest way to talk to companies direct and in one place.


Surprise me

When you have that itch, or are looking for something new to experience or feel, then tell companies to surprise you! There is nothing better than that moment of magic and delight.


Be honest with me

Companies can tell you exactly what they are doing with your personal data and what value you will receive in return for your attention, money and time. Be aware of your rights and be informed.


Value me

Everyone is telling you that your personal data is valuable, well the real value lies in you, who you are, what you stand for and yes, what you will spend your hard earned money on. Be it for pleasure, charity, recovery or on others, the value of you, is the value of what you are willing to share and spend with companies and people you love, trust and need.

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