Profila in 60 seconds

Profila in 60 Seconds

Hi, my name is Shawn Jensen, founder and CEO of Profila. Profila's north star is creating moments of truth between you as a consumer and the brands that you love. The problem we are addressing is the crisis in trust globally and the breakdown in privacy between consumers and brands all because they are trying to understand who you are and have a better relationship with you and create services for you. So we believe we have found a better way focused on privacy first then on ethical data sharing. So number one we educate the consumer on their basic privacy awareness we then help them assert their rights then we help them to share data which is relevant and meaningful to the brand, like their sentiment, their preferences, their needs, and how they actually want to experience services from that brand, thats where the hyper-personalisation comes in. Then we have a true one to one relationship where a consumer can manage all of their relationships with all of their brands in one place that is intimate and we have created a moment of truth. So join us in changing the way that we appeal to our consumers.