The Profila Privacy Alliance

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The Profila Privacy Alliance (PPA) has a principled mandate to deliver simpler privacy education and rights assertion for business and consumers globally.

Profila believe that privacy education and rights assertion should become utility services for the internet. It is for this reason the PPA was formed to manage and develop an open and crowd-sourced, privacy services framework and solution.

Projects in the PPA will be managed through the Privacy Accelerator and co-created with enterprise, academia, international organisations and privacy professionals globally. The PPA will be funded by community contributions, memberships and by organisations with vested interests in driving stronger privacy and trust relationships globally.

“We invite individuals, professionals and global organisations to join the Alliance to simplify the privacy interaction. Privacy is a fundamental right and the execution of privacy online should be cost effective for business and accessible by everyone globally."

The Alliance currently focuses on three projects;

Privacy education

Privacy rights assertion

Privacy audit (blockchain)